Builder, PRoduct owner, FUNCTIONAL ANALYST, software engineer

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I build solutions

As an artist, I'm always interested in creating new things for people.

As a consultant, it's the same: building solution to help you move forward. At the intersection of business and tech, always learning, I can help you and your team find and create the right solution, reach your target, deliver on time and help your company concentrate on his core business. Technology as a means, not an end. 

What I can help you with

Help you create tool for your business

Sadly, there’s not much standard interface between software. I can help you create bridge like a custom interface between a website and your accounting software, integrate a public calendar with your internal one, automate report…

Help your define your need

There’s currently a wealth of IT solution for any given need, from simple automation to AI. I can help assess your need and how to resolve them today, not forgetting tomorrow.

Help you with new processes

Your team need help to implement an agile process? You want to better understand why a Kanban board may the be solution to follow what’s happening? You’ve come to the right place. 

Help deliver to the market

Sometimes, problems happen. Target sight is lost, project is overdue, legacy code is riddled with spaghetti, the latest framework didn’t solve all your issue… There is solution.



For more than 10 years, I’ve done all kinds of projects from mobile application to huge full-stack development. First as a developer, then as the technical lead, team lead, functional analyst and products owner. I installed and maintained VoIP systems, IP Camera, networks. In very tense situation, like overdue project or big technical debt, I’ve helped properly assess the situation and put the right solution in motion. 

All in all, I think I have an unusual career – but all of it show that I truly love technology and helping people with it. I love being the guy that people can rely on to help whatever the task is – even, and especially, if it’s to find an agreement about how and where we’re going! 

If you want to know more:

I’ve been interested in technology for a very long time – nearly 30 years! I’ve dabbled in Linux from ’94, learned C in 96, started writing website in PHP in 2000 and more or less followed tech as an enthusiast while studying fine art.

In 2010 a friend asks me to rejoin his company – too much work, and didn’t like that much working on iOS. After 2 weeks, suffering a bit from sleep deprivation, my first iOS app was ready for the market! Nothing fancy: consume an API, show the index of a magazine, allow customers to play video … but still, a first app. I got bitten: I wrote more apps for him (for music festivals – with fancy Geo localisation, yelp like app, prototypes…). It was eye opening and fun!

I wrote some ecommerce website with Magento, a big intranet in Codeigniter (still going on, and even on the good side of the GDPR from day one since we were handling some customer medical data). 

After that it was more mobile app – a VoIP white label app, written in a mix of Objective C and C++ to interface with our VoIP library – a fancy TV app for a major telco in Belgium, some logistics app… And on the side lot of custom integration for customers – between backend and front end, of course, but more often than not between specialised app (like a tyre management platform and a billing one, creating custom scheduling and logistics app…) I’ve taught Objective-C and iOS development too. I’ve also configured internal networks, with Wi-Fi, QoS, backups and the usual amenities. I’ve assumed the deployment of IP camera surveillance system and a bit of VoIP onsite (at first with bare Freeswitch, now 3CX)

But my main area of growth was not technical: it was the human side of my job. Getting people to acknowledge limitation at first, then convincing customers to maybe make some change for the better, then handling teams and finally getting to know the business world a lot better – creating the business case, manage the project, participating to the Go to Market document, create RACI, improve processes (waterfall is nice, except when it’s not and an agile way of doing things would be better), while still following the technical challenge there was.


Technical knowledge

Soft skilss




Remote Control kit



INPRES, seraing


1 years, 1999/2000

Saint Luc, Liège


2 years, 2000/2002 

Académie royales des beaux arts, Bruxelles

Master in fine Arts, the art of printing
Graduated May 2009


City Plug (2010)

Francofolies (2010)

TRIIING (2011/2012)

PRoximUS TV (2016)

Codabox (2017)

myVOO (2018)

Quoidbach SPRL (2012-)